Supply Chain And Logistics

Our fleet of more than 500 Oil Tankers are consistently and in a reliable way handling and transporting fuel from our Bases all throughout Pakistan. Our Haulier Bases are in Karachi, MahmoodKot (MuzaffarGarh), Machike (Sheikhupura) Sihala, Rawalpindi Islamabad, SherShah (Multan) and Hyderabad. The complete fleet of the company is operated by more than 300 well-trained drivers complying the policies and procedures of Marwat Group.

Transportation of Oil and Gas through ADRs now upgraded to GVS (Generic Vehicle Standard) of European/USA principles, outfitted with GPS-Tracker to screen development of driver's productivity/infringement and also the area to defend against indecencies of pilferage and mishaps. We take the supply chain and logistics as one of the main services offered by our company on a large scale and in a complete reliable manner.

Transportation of Petroleum Products abiding by International gauges of Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE), Journey Management, Drivers Management, Vehicle Maintenance, and Customer Service are efficiently checked by Marwat team on continuous basis.

Spot checks :

Spot checking is also the main function to perform over the fabrication processing where the flaws in the machinery are conducted through clear inspection.