Marwat Engineering Works

Established ambitiously in 2003, Marwat Engineering Works is renowned for producing a solution for efficient Supply Chain in Transport & generally in Oil & Gas Sector by producing Oil Tankers / Trailers / Bowsers.  Major statistics of Marwat Engineering Works Comprises Over 1000 Tankers, Trailers & Flat Beds on road with multi-disciplinary engineering Team, 24/7 after sales service, certified imported components, In-house engineering with strict quality control. We are granted with prestigious certification ISO9001:2015 the latest iteration of the world’s leading quality assurance standards for meeting or exceeding rigorous international standards in quality management.
We also take pride in bringing UN ADR & OGRA standards meeting statuary & regulatory requirements for the carriage of dangerous goods to Pakistan by building fuel tankers for various OMC’s (Oil Marketing Companies). We are constantly striving to bring excellence in our products, services & quality of work. We have also taken the initiative of equipping Marwat Engineering Works with ERP (Emergency Response Plan) tool in order to enhance safety, security, productivity & improved work quality. We are approved Fuel Tank / Bowser fabricator of Pakistan State Oil, Shell Pakistan, TOTAL PARCO & Unilever Pakistan. Marwat Engineering Works master the complexities in number of industrial equipment’s manufacturing and we could boast of our satisfied customers like KAPCO, Lalpir, & PARCO
Marwat Engineering Works is also striving & looking forward for Military / Civil Specification Equipment’s & products like
  1.  Flat Bed Trailers
  2. LPG Cylinder Carriers
  3. Integrated Fuel / Water Bowsers
  4. Aviation Tug Bowsers
  5.  Static Fuel Bowsers
  6.  Highway Tug Fuel Bowsers
  7.  Plant & Storage Equipment’s
  8.  Modular Deigned containers
  9.  Site Shelters & number of ground support equipment’s
    We can tailor our services according to the customer needs and day by day demand of the industry-providing
enhanced and innovative traditional designed engineering services.