Steps for Fabrication:
  • It involves the Raw Material(MTC)
  • It also has the Manufacturing Documents(OEMS)
  • It is presenting upon the Marking & Cutting(cutting as per design)
  • Fabrication Welding is part of it.
  • It brings safety and security measures.
  • It has fit up joints.
  • It has fit up Inspection
  • Welder Qualification Test(WQT)
  • Welding Quality
  • Safety checks of Complete welding are also considered

About Paint Process:
  • It carries out Surface Preparation.
  • It has Paint Process & Docs (MSDS)
  • Logos & Stickers are also printed.
HSSE Inspection:

Our HSSE Vision is one of the main priorities we are concerned about. You can easily prevent yourself from all types of accidents. Our aim is involved in the excellent HSSE performance in all the business categories. We will be serving the high-quality neighbors & community using protecting their lives and environment.
Our Main HSSE KPIs are as mentioned below:
  • Daily toolbox meeting
Service access to carrying out the daily based toolbox meeting is also the main concern where the working of tool systems is investigated.
  • Monthly safety meeting
Monthly safety meetings to have a discussion on the rundown performance of the systems working are also done. This will rather help to improve the working performance and quality.
  • PI’s reporting
In terms of offering high quality of services to the clients, PI’s reporting is essential for building any company administration on stronger terms.
  • Training of both staff and drivers.
No matter our staff is professional and experienced in their working skills, still, the proper set of training is needed for both staff and drivers to perform brilliantly. High training is given to them.

Third Party Inspection:
  • Visual Inspection
As in view with the third party concern, there is a complete sequence of visual inspection by their side in order to deliver the best quality to clients. Inspection is carried out over both interior and exterior manner.
  • Functional Test
Functional testing is part of our major services where we are completely concerned about carrying out the suitable testing of the equipment and oil manufacturing to get it clear from all flaws.
  • HSE Rating
Suitable series of HSE rating is also done by the side of the company as our main concerns.  HSE rating will let the company know about the company quality work and how the manufacturing system is carried in the market for the client's supervision.
  • Hydro Test
The hydro testing system process is all about the pipeline systems and installation of oil pipes in the company. Testing is done to learn about the procedural working of the pipes within the company.
  • Inspection Report
Through the clear set of learning about the company working process, lastly, an inspection report is made to let the owner party know fully about the functioning of the company systems for the clients.

Raw Material (MTC)


M.S. Sheets OEM

Manufactured Parts & Documents (OEMs)

Marking & cutting/rolling/pressing/drilling work

Safety & Security

Fit up joints

Fit up inspection

Welder Qualification Certificate

Welding quality

Safety Checks of Complete Welding

Water Filling Test


Surface Preparation

Paint Process (MSDS)

Electric Work




Third Party Inspection