About Us

We like to present ourselves as MARWAT GROUP a main Logistics and Supply Chain Company of Pakistan since 1978. We are managing in Oil transportation business having an excess of 500 TLs giving administrations to driving Oil and Gas Marketing organizations of Pakistan and furthermore have our very own Fuel Retail outlet in Pakistan. Likewise, we have different businesses, for example, bringing in Tires and Tubes from China and Korea, 2S Automobile dealership of HINO and Fabrication of Oil tankers. We have our workplaces in all the urban communities of Pakistan with a staff quality of more than 300 representatives.

The main foundation of the company was laid by our Honorable Chairman, Mr. Malik Zain-ul- Abedeen (Late) and conveyed forward by the Directors named Mr. Malik Noor Aslam Khan, Mr. Malik Noor Saleem Khan, Mr. Malik Jalal Khan,and Mr. Malik Imran Khan Marwat.

Today, MARWAT GROUP is a market head of Oil Transportation and Supply Chain. Though, the company is moving and strengthening with the passage of time and securing markets of Tires, Lubricants and Fabrication organizations broadly.