Group Companies

Our main group of companies is namely as:
  • Marwat Enterprises
  • Kehkashan Enterprises
  • Marwat Engineering Works
  • Marwat Motors
  • Marwat Pumps
  • Marwat Corporation
  • Marwat Mz (Private) Ltd
  • Marwat Logistics (Private) Ltd

Marwat Enterprises
This company is reputably known as in offering the services concerning with the dealings and transportation of Petroleum products/dry cargo.

Kehkashan Enterprises This company has been offering the services as interlinked with the provision of dealings and transportation of Petroleum products/dry cargo.

Marwat Engineering Works This company is named out being the sophisticated Oil tankers fabrication and Trailer manufacturing. Marwat Engineering works away within the own settings of the inventory management system for the manufacturing of the related material & equipments with the proper hard & soft record.

Marwat Motors This company has been established as being the 2S Automobile Dealership, Mahmood Kot.

Marwat Corporation This company has been performing the tasks as related to the import and export of the products. It also carries out the distribution of tubes and tires.

Marwat Logistics (Private) Ltd The high quality of logistic services is provided by this company under the reliable and high- quality manner.